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Life, Family and Work

maio 31, 2017

I and my family has been moved out of town to country town called Botucatu. We done this choice to search a quality lifestyle and leave big city stress behind.

I have been a software engineer for over 12 years beginning with the Java language 86% Certified in the Java SE 6 Programmer and affixed by technology, philosophy and humanity. I have been work in many companies and projects in distinct segments. I worked in the last project to develop a road ticket to bus station using in the Backend API Java 8 language, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JWT, Hibernate, JPA, Postgresql database and in the Frontend Node.js, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, Electron.js, Vue.js.

With many years in the software developer area I stands my life in the constant stress way and I wish finished this. After I thought so much about this situation with my family I, my wife, my sun, my daughter, my dogs and my cats we moved out of big town.

In the new family/professional adventure I decided freelancer work contract wich the money will get up. A friend had commented about the Toptal software Development Network and his said “This is a new approach for hire up” and as soon as I heard that I said “I will see that”.

Here I is living two months in the new town searching freelancer/home office contracts to live with my family as lives good enough. Now with Toptal software Development Network new approach it is became more easy and joyable. Like natural rain flow down the sky I heard about Toptal software Development Network was tasty coincidence.

More and more new approaches like Toptal software Development Network should have exists to chance the legacy way used today. Now days we must be collaborative to help the increase quality of hire and the employee happiness.

I hope search the best way for my family and professional activits to enjoy life and humanity talking about philosofy and technical world issues. Solving the great theories behind all enterprise issues in the comfort of my home.

I wish all best regards and happiness to all human beens and the all software developer sufferers of the world. (: haha 🙂

Good luck and enjoy your life. Your life is the only you can shared with others and nothing else.


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